How Smart Is Your Home? 7 Products That Will Make Your Home Smarter & Safer

by Doug Fox February 8th 2020

Seven of the hottest home products and services for 2020 are below. Each product can be ordered online today with big savings. If something catches your eye make sure and grab it fast, you never know when they'll sell out.

We have also listed some excellent discounts, so scroll down and take advantage!

1. Ultra WiFi Pro - Supercharge Your WiFi In Seconds!

The first key to a smart home is making sure your WiFi signal is strong and accessible from every room in the house. But what if that's not the case in your home?

Ultra Wifi Pro can instantly enhance your WiFi signal and eliminate dead spots common in many homes. With easy one button set-up, you can ensure that browsing the net is lightening fast from anywhere in the house. Make some popcorn, get cozy and stream Netflix at the highest 4k resolution without waiting for it to load. Don't fall for expensive plan upgrades. Ultra WiFi Pro offers a risk-free, no questions asked, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and is currently on sale!

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2. Home Guard - Keep An Eye On Your Home From Anywhere In The World!

Another key to a smart home is being able to protect it, whether you're inside, at work or on vacation. Thankfully Home Guard makes it a snap. With easy installation and no wiring required, Home Guard is much more than a simple doorbell. Offering HD Quality video, motion detection alerts, two-way audio and compatibility with both IOS and Android, it's a true first layer of defense for any home.

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3. Never Pay For Covered Home Repairs Again!

Creating a smart home also requires having smart inhabitants. And there's nothing smarter than having a home warranty. Every major appliance eventually breaks, whether it' your HVAC unit, refrigerator, even your hot water heater. When an unexpected breakdown occurs, you can either pay full price to repair it, or have a home warranty in place to take care of it. We'll let you make that decision.

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4. SmartView Antenna - Get HD TV For Free!

The SmartView Antenna uses military-inspired technology that brings crystal-clear TV channels right to your home. No Contracts. No Subscriptions. Watch all of your favorite TV shows and movies FREE, while saving big on expensive cable and satellite subscriptions. Fast and easy to install, simply plug SmartView Antenna into your TV and instantly access up to 60+ HD TV channels with stunning resolution.

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5. ShowerSafe - Try The Number #1 Smart Shower Filter

We all understand the importance of filtering drinking water, but did you know that unfiltered shower water can also be harmful to your body? With ShowerSafe's patented 10 Stage Filtration Technogloy, you can eliminate an array of harmful elements including chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, mold, even viruses. At the same time, ShowerSafe helps skin dryness, itchiness and infections, improves hydration, and reduces hair fall and damage. Try a risk free, 100% money-back trial today.

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6. PWR Guard - Protect Your Family From EMF Radiation

If you’d like to reduce your exposure to harmful EMF radiation waves while soothing nagging headaches, conquering eye strain, and ensuring your body isn’t damaged by all your digital devices, then check out PWR Guard. Once installed, PWR Guard eliminates up to 99%+ of EMF Exposure Symptoms and works With ALL Electronic Devices. Especially important for the devices of expecting mothers and children. FCC certified and lab tested.

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7. CoolSleep Pillow - Sleep In Maximum Comfort With This High-Tech Pilow

One thing all of us have in common is our desire for a comfortable and revitalizing night's sleep. The advancements in technology have made that goal easier with the creation of the CoolSleep pillow. Invented by a team of neurologists and sleep experts, CoolSleep helps moderate your body temperature all night long so that when you wake-up, you're rested and energized. Perfect for those with trouble sleeping!

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