Born Before 1965? Claim These Insurance Savings Now

by Sally Simon February 8th 2020

I think there's something we can all agree upon, we hate getting ripped-off! Especially when most seniors need to stretch our pennies as far and wide as possible.

Thankfully, with a little research and elbow grease, it's possible to find incredible deals and discounts for seniors, especially when it comes to insurance!

1. Pay As Low As $19 / Month For Car Insurance

Seniors can take advantage of our years behind the wheel when it comes to saving big on car insurance. In most states, insurance companies must offer discounts to seniors. In Massachusetts you can access a discount just for turning 65 which is wicked awesome!

Sally's Tips:

  • No more daily commute? Consider a pay-per-mile insurance program.
  • Take a defensive driving class through AAA or AARP and save more cash.
  • No tickets for 3 years? You're an ideal candidate for savings.

More important than anything is to shop around and compare! You could save up to 70% or $536/year just for doing due diligence.

This free service shows how much you can save per month and how much your coverage would be. Take this 30-second survey to calculate your savings.

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2. Save Hundreds On Medicare Supplement Plans1

Did you know the average retiree spends $4,300 / year in out-of-pocket medical expenses? It doesn't stop there either, it only increases as we get older. 

Don't Get Fooled: some penny savvy seniors are saving thousands of dollars in medical expenses each year while having their co-pays and deductibles covered.

The first step is understanding the market. I found this service to be the best for the sheer number of options and savings. Don't mess around with your health or your wallet.

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3. Life Insurance Is A Necessity, But You Don't Have To Overpay

Many seniors believe that after reaching their 60's they're no longer able to purchase life insurance. This is completely untrue! Infact, there are still polices you can access up to the age of 85!

A good life insurance policy can serve as a financial back-up and cover loss of income, funeral expenses and safeguard your family from inheriting your debts, medical or otherwise.

Sally's Tip: Seniors can still get a $50k policy for as low as $1 dollar per day! Remember, it doesn't matter what age you are, affordable coverage is available by clicking here, or the button below.

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4. Never Pay For Covered Home Repairs Again (First Month Free)

I purchased my home over 20 years ago. When my HVAC needed replacement in the middle of summer, I was personally on the hook for thousands! Goodbye, vacation!

Fortunately, homeowners can now take advantage of a home warranty plan regardless of when their home was purchased. Since acquiring mine from Choice Home Warranty I haven't paid for covered repairs again. We're talking nothing out-of-pocket for covered appliance failures, heaters, AC, garage doors, roofing and more. And if there's something they can't fix, they replace it!

Learn from my mistakes and don't wait till it's too late. Get a free quote and be protected!

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5. Sell Your Life Insurance Policy And Have Money To Live

If you are currently insured, are over the age of 65, and live in a qualified area, you may be able sell your life insurance policy for a HUGE lump sum of cash!

Over $75 Billion dollars in life insurance has gone unclaimed according to USA Today.2 That's right, $75 billion. Thankfully, savvy seniors have options!

Sally's Tip: I suggest taking a few minutes to visit this site. You or a caretaker can enter your information and expediently see the sale value of your policy. It's fast and free and you could cash-out big!

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6. Save Thousands On Expensive Car Repairs With An Auto Warranty

Save Thousands On Expensive Car Repairs With An Auto Warranty

Most warranties offer flexible payment plans and include rental coverage, roadside assistance, access to certified mechanics and courtesy towing.

Sally's Tip: Depending on the age and make of your vehicle, you could be paying a low monthly fee and receiving peace of mind. Start by getting a free quote here and then make the right decision for you!

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7. Save 33% On Your Home Insurance (yes, you can!)

Your home is probably the largest financial investment you've made (I know it is for me), but it's also vulnerable to risk.

Sally's Tip: Even if you're already paid off your mortgage, homeowner insurance is still a must-have! It safeguards your "castle" from a multitude of hazards.

The key thing, like the rest of these policies, is to ensure you're not overpaying. Start by understanding your options here and find the right policy for you. This is the best site I've found for achieving that.

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8. Final Expense Insurance - It's Time To Have The Conversation

Yes, Final Expense Insurance is not necessarily the most joyous of subjects. As much as we strive to find great savings in the here-and-now, it's also important to think about those we leave behind and consider their financial well-being.

Final Expense Insurance will help your family cover outstanding medical bills, mortgage payments, credit card debt and more.

In just a few a minutes you can receive free quotes from top providers and rest easy knowing your loved ones are covered.

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1 Pricing is subject to change. There are several factors that impact your savings; including, but not limited to your age, income, geographical location and the type of plan you choose.

2 "Unclaimed billions: Are you owed a life insurance payout?".